Reno, Nevada

Hey Tim,

Just checking in. Indy did fabulous this year hunting. Multiple retrieves, never busted a point, hardly no false points. She is a great bird dog; you did a great job with her. She gets better every time we go out. We talked about having her come up for additional training but to be honest, she is doing so well she really doesn't need it. Went with a friend who had his dog trained here and she showed him up every time.

We may be in the market for a new dog in a year or two, my wife’s dog is getting up in years. I'll contact you when the time comes.

Thanks again, hope you’re doing fantastic.

Russ and Jane

We knew Bob, our young Lab, would benefit from professional training and we considered several options. As relative newcomers to Oregon, our previous successful experiences with trainers were all back East. We also had one disastrous outcome with a trainer, so we know at least some of the mistakes that can be made. We had high hopes when you said you would have the time to spend with our new family member. Now that Bob has rejoined the family unit, we couldn't be more pleased with the training Bob has received! One of the most noteworthy observations is how much his personality has been unchanged. The only conclusion is your methods are carefully matched to the student rather than just forcing a rigid discipline. We anxiously look forward to Bob's first hunting season and the further refinements that will come from more advanced work with you.

Bend, Oregon

Hi Tim,

We were so impressed yesterday; thank you for having us come out for such a thorough visit. We are ready to commit to the 1st.

Wow, have you seen the letters of recommendation people send on your behalf? I'd be happy to forward you some so you can put them on your website. They are pretty amazing. I got six glowing, detailed recommendations within 12 hours of sending out the email. People are very happy to speak for you.

Thanks again, we’ll get Sprocket ready to go on the 1st.

Wasilla, Alaska

As a professional dog trainer and guide from Alaska I would highly recommend Tim Curry for dog training, guided hunts and kennel care.

Tim is well organized, patient, caring and an efficient and effective trainer of which I would trust any of my dogs to be in his care and training program. I have known Tim for about five years and have had great days in the field shooting over his highly trained pointing and retrieving gun dogs.

Stayton, Oregon

I have had two dogs that have been in training with Tim. I am an avid bird hunter and trained my first dog myself.

Although Lady was a good hunter she would not retrieve a shot bird. I worked diligently with her but could not overcome the communication block between us. After talking with Tim and other trainers I decided to send Lady to Tim for a one month retrieve training.
I was concerned as Lady sleeps each night in bed with my daughter. However, I was convinced after visiting the facility and further review of the training techniques that Lady would be in good care. I did visit and observe some training sessions unbeknownst to Lady (I did not want to delay her progress and cause her unnecessary anxiety).

She was quite excited to work with Tim and was given good physical care. She progressed well and was excited to see our family when we picked her up. Tim taught me how to reinforce the training and answered all of my questions.

I took Lady on five hunting trips after she came home last year. She proudly retrieved every shot bird to my side and sat with it in her mouth till I reached down and took it from her. Lady is a dog who loves to please and I honestly feel she is happy to finally understand her role completely in our partnership.

I signed my puppy up with Tim because of the experience I had with Lady. Henry is a goofy pup and Tim was very patient. I have not hunted him yet as he finished his training in July. He will not be polished like Lady because he lacks experience. However, he shows great promise and responds well to all the work Tim did.

Spokane, Washington

This is my 2nd dog with Tim my other dog is now 11 years old and without Tim’s help I wouldn’t have enjoyed all those years and hundreds of birds. This last pup is now 1 1/2 years old she is my wife’s dog. I will start another pup next year and have Tim train it as well. Paying for professional training is money well spent for the many years you will have with your dog in the field.

I looked into many trainers but felt Tim was very gentle. What makes his program great is he will work with you, along with your dog, during its stay.

Bend, Oregon

We absolutely loved Tim! He is an amazing trainer and our dog had a great time. My favorite thing about Tim is that he truly loves animals and is great with them. I am a total dog freak so it made me worry leaving my animals but I fully trusted him. He trained our German shorthair named Trax and she had a fabulous time. She is used to sleeping in bed with us but every time we went and saw her, she loved working with Tim. He is a great trainer and I have nothing but great things to say about him.

Reno, Nevada

I live in Reno and was referred to Tim through my brother in law, a Reno veterinarian and avid chukar hunter. It is a long drive to Tim's place from Reno, but it was well worth it. Tim is very professional and very good at what he does. My German Shorthair went from a wild-eyed puppy to well-trained in no time. I was very pleased with Tim's manner with the dogs (firm, but pleasant and not rough).

I would highly recommend his program and would have no reservations about leaving a puppy or adult dog there for any length of time. I must admit I don't work with my dog nearly as much as I should, yet her retention and "trainability" seems very high. I hope to have Sammie for a long time, but I'll definitely take my next hunting dog to Tim as well.

Lanai, Hawaii

Dear dog enthusiast,

Originally I had wanted to buy one of Tim's personal dogs, but at the time it wasn't for sale - at any price. The road to Tim training my dog was kind of by happenstance. After an Artificial Insemination with semen from his dog fell through, I decided to purchase a pup from him. His dogs are all top notch and the dog I have has more drive under him than anything I've ever seen.

I understand where you may be coming from about taking your dog and leaving it with someone else. Realize that in the end, nobody will ever take care of your dog the way that you do; better or worse it is all a matter of your personal perception.

I am all for recommending Tim as a trainer, he will get results. I watched him work my dog for the first time when I went to pick him up and the dog did it all. However, when I brought him home to Hawaii at approximately 9 months old, he didn't know me from the guy next door. Take into consideration, this dog never met me until that day and I threw him on a plane and took him totally out of his element. It took me months to get the dog used to his new life before he started to respond to me the way he did with Tim. So, my situation is much different from yours.

Tim is an honest individual whom I would recommend as a trainer. He will train your dog to do as it should, but you must also work with your dog. If in the end what you want is a top notch gun dog, it's something you have to personally continually to work on.

Reno, Nevada

I would highly recommend Tim. I understand and appreciate anyone doing research before handing your dog over to a trainer. I did quite a bit of it myself two years ago. I looked at kennels in Nevada, California, Idaho and Oregon. I spoke with several dog owners that had experience with field training and kept hearing about Central Oregon Sporting Dogs.

When I read Tim's article in Gun Dog magazine, that was all I needed to make up my mind that he was the one. I visited his kennel and watched him train other dogs and was very impressed. My dog was with Tim for 3 months last year and will be there 2 months this year. She was almost two when I first brought her up - which is old for starting training and quite raw. In a few weeks she was pointing and retrieving quite well. When I picked her up and took her hunting, she was amazing!

What made me feel comfortable enough, was meeting and visiting with Tim. He loves dogs and loves training them. You can really see that when you see him work. I do think my dog enjoys it as well. The first time I took her up she was quite nervous about being in a new place and showed it. When I took her up a few weeks ago, she bounded out and ran to the training field. I think she really enjoys the work there. I was amazed at the results and with the follow up. I called Tim several times to get tips and help with continuing her training and he is always glad to help.

Lake Oswego, Oregon

I have hunted over Tim's dogs for several years now. I have always had Goldens (4) and all have been trained by different trainers.

One of the most important aspects of a trainer that I now look for, is their demeanor. Tim is consistent, calm, firm and demanding of the dogs and never have I seen him lose his temper. He has high expectations of the dogs he trains and the dogs know it. It is like someone riding a horse for the first time - the horse knows it.

I have not yet been able to hunt with our dog since he finished her training at the end of June, however I can tell you she is going to be really, really good. Don't worry, you are not the only one concerned about leaving your dog. My wife was the same way, but after several visits during training, she was very happy about leaving her in Tim’s care.

Sparks, Nevada

Q: Tim Curry gave us your contact information when I asked for recommendations from former clients. We are considering training our Brittany as a gun dog with him this fall. I'm hoping you can answer a couple questions for me, or just give me your overall impression. My biggest concern is leaving our dog with someone we don't know and
also of course, there's the results of the training.

A: Hello, I would be happy to answer your questions regarding Tim. See my answers below.

Would you recommend his program?
Yes I would and do. Tim's training program is customized for each dog, where other trainers I know expect certain progress in week 1, week 2, etc. What Tim does is take his program and makes it fit your dog. He looks at your dog’s strengths and weaknesses and adjusts his routine for that dog.

We have three German Shorthairs that Tim has trained that are the envy of my hunting friends. We also have two labs that Tim finished and trained to sit when the pointers go on point. It is a very impressive thing to see.

What made you feel comfortable enough to leave your dog with him?
My first experience with Tim was with my wife bird hunting. Tim was our guide and we were hunting with our dogs. Our dogs were not trained like they should have been and made many mistakes. Tim never lost his temper or patience the entire experience. He paid attention to our dogs all day and was very kind and considerate towards them. He cares about the dogs he trains and that is a special quality that I have frequently encountered.

Do you think your dog enjoyed it?
One thing I can tell you is that dogs are happy; they either know that you are there or not; they cannot tell time or read a calendar; they don't know what a day is. We will always miss them more than they miss us because we can do all of these other things that relate to time and missing, that they cannot.

During visits and to watch the dogs work, you could see they were truly happy with what they were doing. They still go nuts when we pull up into the "bird man's" driveway - so yes, I would say that they enjoy it!

Were you happy with the results?
Tim has trained 5 of our own dogs for us, as well as another 6 dogs that we have bred and sold. We are thrilled with the results.

Is there anything you weren't happy with?
At first, 90 days seems like an eternity. Dog training is like watching grass grow -it takes a couple of weeks to see a change. That was tough, but once we saw the improvement (which in one case literally made me cry with what the dog could do under Tim's care in a month - beyond what we ever dreamed possible) it makes having the dog gone for so long, so much easier.

Thanks so much in advance! We really appreciate it.
I hope that this is helpful. I am a bit of a dog nut, so please don't hesitate to contact me again with any questions! Thank you - Brett