Shooter & Stormy’s Sugar

Her name implies sweetness and rightfully so as she is all of that!

Sugar has what we like to refer to as that “Off Switch”. What we’re talking about is a dog that has all the drive, instinct, and desire one could ever ask for in the field – coupled with a temperament and personality that we can live with at home; around the house or in the kennel.

This “Off Switch” also lends a dog like Sugar not only towards being easy to just be around, but it makes for a dog that is biddable and easy to train. My opinion as a Breeder is that this is one of the many and possibly most important traits to strive for. Sugar not only has this wonderful and often rare trait but she has proven to pass it along to her offspring.

When we’re looking to put pups on the ground out of one of our hard charging Sires, we can’t go wrong crossing them with a little sweetness! Check our puppy page for past and future litters from our gal “Sugar”.