Dear dog enthusiast, Originally I had wanted to buy one of Tim’s personal dogs, but at the time it wasn’t for sale – at any price. The road to Tim training my dog was kind of by happenstance. After an Artificial Insemination with semen from his dog fell through, I decided to purchase a pup from him. His dogs are all top notch and the dog I have has more drive under him than anything I’ve ever seen.

I understand where you may be coming from about taking your dog and leaving it with someone else. Realize that in the end, nobody will ever take care of your dog the way that you do; better or worse it is all a matter of your personal perception.

I am all for recommending Tim as a trainer, he will get results. I watched him work my dog for the first time when I went to pick him up and the dog did it all. However, when I brought him home to Hawaii at approximately 9 months old, he didn’t know me from the guy next door. Take into consideration, this dog never met me until that day and I threw him on a plane and took him totally out of his element. It took me months to get the dog used to his new life before he started to respond to me the way he did with Tim. So, my situation is much different from yours.

Tim is an honest individual whom I would recommend as a trainer. He will train your dog to do as it should, but you must also work with your dog. If in the end what you want is a top notch gun dog, it’s something you have to personally continually to work on.

GrantLanai, Hawaii