Professional Dog Training

Dog training, from start to finish, is all about finding the right balance; the balance between giving the dog enough to learn and progress without overloading or causing confusion. Some dogs can take more pressure than others and advance quickly. Some are softer and may shut down using the same regimen that worked for the last dog. This softer student may require a completely different technique to get the same end result. As a trainer you need to be able to read the dog, understand his body language and find that balance.

It can be different with each dog and it can be different with each phase of that dog’s training. If at the end of every session your dog is happy and looks forward to the next session then you have found that balance.

Dogs have an amazing ability to read or pick up on the energy we convey. If we are frustrated, angry or unsure we are conveying negative energy. Your dog will sense this and you won’t have his trust; you are fighting an uphill battle. On the other hand if we are calm and confident and convey a positive energy, man’s best friend is capable of learning and advancing at a surprising and almost unbelievable rate.

In the world of professional trainers there is an endless variety of techniques used to train a dog. What separates the average trainer from the true professional is knowing how to read dogs, convey positive energy and find the right balance with each student. You can’t learn these things from simply reading a book or watching a training video. You learn them in the dog training school of hard knocks, from years of training numerous dogs, day in and day out.

Our Commitment

Here at Central Oregon Sporting Dog, our commitment is to make every dog the best they can possibly be. We make it a point to keep the number of dogs we take for training at any one time at a minimum. This allows us to focus on Quality not Quantity and gives each dog the time and attention required to learn and advance quickly.

We clearly outline in advance what your dog will learn during its time with us. This means that if you decide to sign your dog up for the Pointing Dog Program, your dog will perform every aspect listed.

We Guarantee It!

Training Space is Limited!

We’re often booked 6 to 9 months in advance.

Please Contact Us to ensure your space in our upcoming Training Programs. We offer a variety of training options and rates in order to fit you and your dog’s individual needs.

Pointing Dog Program

(age 6 mos. to 1 yr.)


8 Week Program
  • Here
  • Whoa
Point instinctively
Steady to wing
  • Heel
  • Quarter on command
  • Gun introduction
  • Retrieve instinctively

Retriever/Flushing Dog Program

(age 6 mos. to 1 yr.)


8 Week Program
  • Here
  • Sit
  • Whistles
  • Flush
  • Marking
  • Hand Signals
  • Heel
  • Quarter on command
  • Gun introduction
  • Retrieve instinctively
  • Casts

Four Week Training


This option is designed for the dog that has maybe had some training but may need work on specific problem areas.

Private Training Session


A good option if you have the time and ability to train your own dog but need some
 help and guidance.

Conditioned Retrieve


6 Week Program

For the hunting companion that doesn’t retrieve instinctively or adequately. 
Your dog will retrieve to hand after this approximate six week program.

Puppy Head Start Program

(age 4 to 6 months)


4 Week Program

Birds, birds and more birds!

We also introduce your pup to basic obedience and
commands. More importantly this four week program is designed to make sure
your future hunting companion gets off to the right start. It is all about building a
confident outgoing pup that will advance rapidly later when formal training begins.