Nitro's Goose

Goose is a once in a lifetime dog and I am truly privileged to share the bird fields with him. He has shown amazing intelligence from the first day we brought him home at eight weeks of age. His ability to learn something completely new with only a few repetitions is unbelievable.

Goose can mark down birds at distances beyond imagination. He will sit on the flush and watch a winged bird until it finally drops from the sky, then look back over his shoulder at me and wait for his release. It doesn’t matter if the bird is across water, over the hill and down in the next draw; when I give his release you can bet that bird will be coming back with him.

His ability to track a running pheasant is truly a sight to behold. He attacks every retrieve like there is no tomorrow, whether it’s on land or water. I have had offers from too many to count, wanting to purchase Goose after having a chance to hunt with him. He is not for sale at any price and never will be, however he is available at stud to approved females.

Goose's Stud Fee