Ee Ann's Ruff N'Rowdy

Rowdy is a powerhouse male with muscle and brawn to spare. At the age of twelve he is still a force to reckon with on the chukar hills of Oregon. I will never forget the first time I uncrated him at one of the nation’s top wingshooting destinations. The guides were in awe, comments like, “Wow that’s the most amazing dog I’ve ever seen.” I found this very impressive coming from guys that own some of the best bred bird dogs in the country.

Rowdy’s run is as big and hard charging as I have ever seen. With his head high, taking in the wind, he is truly a sight to see. He has a twelve o’clock tail on point and has retrieved to hand since he was a pup.

Rowdy is the Son of the famous FC Rincon’s Slick Willy. The Field Champion, Hall of Fame dogs don’t stop there. Take one look at his pedigree to realize how rare it is to have the opportunity to breed to such a dog.

Rowdy's Stud Fee